Ovano is a family business creating ultra-functional products built for the combination of work & pleasure, based around the Volkswagen Transporter range. We’re committed to high quality and a clean aesthetic, whilst working towards minimising our impact on the environment.


Since 2018, Ovano has been the leader in creating the most versatile bed, bulkhead, and storage solutions for your Transporter. Our products are designed to cater to a wide range of needs, easily installed and removed. Crafted to last, we use only premium quality materials such as black phenolic birch ply, stainless steel hinges, threaded inserts, and heavy-duty drawer runners. Our range is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also robust enough to withstand daily use, from loading tools and machinery to transporting all your camping essentials, bikes, and pets too!

All models will fit Volkswagen Transporter T5, T5.1, T6, T6.1 SWB and LWB panel van and kombi models.

Select from the Switch XL, Narrow or Drawer below to discover more.


The original Ovano Switch XL is a multifunctional conversion system with the options of a full-height bulkhead, half-bulkhead, full-width bed/ platform, and a 180kg full-width locking drawer.

The Ovano Switch Narrow has all the multifunctional qualities of the XL, with a full-height bulkhead, half-bulkhead, full-width bed platform, and a 180kg locking drawer. The defining feature is the space on the left-hand side alongside the drawer, which can be used for storage of longer items or to retrofit our Dog Crate.

The Ovano Drawer is a generous storage solution with easy access for your Transporter. Designed for storing up to 4 bikes with fork mounts in the drawer and the option of an overhead shelf to carry the front wheels and smaller items.

Quality Assurance

Ever since we started in 2019, our core value has been to never compromise on the quality of our products and customer service. We’re committed to developing the most functional, durable and aesthetically-pleasing products.

Customer satisfaction is how we measure our progress, and to date, we’re thrilled with the feedback we’ve been receiving. As an ongoing promise to both existing and future customers, you will receive a year’s warranty from the installation date, and each unit has our Quality Assured guarantee. Simply put, you can have confidence in the performance of our products.

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