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Ovano is a family business creating functional VW Transporter Bed Drawer and other van conversion products based on the Volkswagen Transporter, built for work and pleasure. We’re committed to high quality and a clean aesthetic while working towards minimising our impact on the environment.

WORK, WILDERNESS & everything else

Since day one, our conversion systems, including the VW Transporter Bed Drawer, have had to improve our work vans’ functionality while allowing us to finish on a Friday and head towards the coast for the weekend. The materials and components we use ensure our products can endure the daily abuse of tools and the elements.

We’re well aware that life isn’t all work and leisure, so factoring in the daily commute, shopping trips, and day-to-day family life was all part of our planning. The improved access and increased storage footprint of our VW Transporter Bed Drawer ensures easy stowing of essentials for any task at hand.

All in the details

Our prototyping journey was a slow process due to careful consideration of all details, refining our original handmade prototypes over time, and using the designs in various environments.

Now perfected, our products, including the VW Transporter Bed Drawer, are CNC cut to ensure a precision fit. All cut edges are hand-sanded, varnished and smoothed. Nearly all fixings include threaded inserts for extra strength and improved reusability.


We designed our products to increase time spent by the coast and among trees, so we feel responsible for limiting our impact on the environment.

For this reason, it makes sense to us to build our products to last, meaning they shouldn’t need to be updated or discarded. The VW Transporter Bed Drawer is a perfect example of this commitment.

Wherever possible, we’re trying to cut out single-use plastic and pick more environmentally friendly materials & logistics options.

We’re also members of the ‘Surfers Against Sewage 250 club’, and offset our carbon, and plant trees through ‘Ecologi’.

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