We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked question’s. If your question isn’t covered, please feel free to contact us.

We don’t ship our Switch units but Transporter HQ and Transporter HQ EU do – to UK and EU. You can order them online.



Our units are now universal to fit rear heaters.

Our van drawer systems have been designed to use the original lashing points of a T5, T5.1, T6 or T6.1, so will fit any combination of kombi or panel van (including twin sliders).

You can specify if you have a factory fitted rear heater, or if you have a shuttle by using the dropdown boxes.

Please note – If fitted in a shuttle, the third row of seats will need removing.

Yes, Our units have been designed to be used with the standard kombi seats, whether it be 2+1 or a 3 seat bench seat. The system will also work without any seats at all.

Please note – If fitted in a shuttle, the third row of seats will need removing.

The whole system can be removed without a trace within 10 minutes. Due to the size, it will require 2 people to lift in or out.

They are mostly flat packable besides a few sub-assemblies. To flat pack to this point would take another 20 minutes.

Yes, The systems were designed around outdoor activities and watersports, so having a good level of water resistance was essential.

The phenolic ply used in the systems is about as waterproof as the wood comes. The material is used in trailer beds, horsebox floors and temporary site offices due to the fact that its ultra hard-wearing, resistant to water and most chemicals and has a textured finish to add some grip.

We would still recommend wiping down large spills to prolong the life of the material.

We think anyone should be able to use their existing equipment with the Ovano systems, so they don’t have to go out and buy new. The van bed is made to accommodate a standard double mattress with room to spare at the sides, so anything that size will work. We’ve used air beds, roll mats and just memory foam toppers. The choice is yours.

Please note the mattress being used in the TransporterHQ review video was a Kampa Kip highrise double.

Please contact us to arrange a viewing at a suitable time. Other than that, please subscribe to our newsletter and/or social media in order to stay up to date with shows and events we’ll be doing.

Not currently. We have our hands full with Transporters at the moment. Caddy’s will likely be the next.


Caravelle -We have installed a few units in Caravelles, or in Transporters with Caravelle floor rails. There are two options for doing so.

  • Drilling through the floor to pick up on the original lashing points and fix in the same way we would with Transporters and Shuttles. If you’re happy with this option you can select Shuttle in the dropdown as it will need the same modifications for the plastic trims.
  • Fixing to the Caravelle floor rails is the tricker option, which requires custom brackets and the extra cost of T-bolts. Please get in touch for this option.


No, we don’t have the time and resources unfortunately.

The arches may require some fettling to get them to fit.

HMPE line, cleats and stops.

LWB no problem. In the SWB drawer, you will fit a single (mountain) bike on the diagonal with the front wheel removed. As road bikes are shorter you will get 2 or more in.


You can also fit a bike sideways immediately behind the front seats. If you don’t have rea kombi seats you can fit 2 bikes whilst still using the bed.


We have been, and continue to, develop a model more geared towards bike carriage. This isn’t proving easy, but we’re getting there. If there are no updates on the website or social’s, it’s not yet ready. When we get it right, we’ll shout about it.

Our units are primarily for working and day-to-day storage, with a secondary camping and leisure ability. This means most of our customers are using these as a form of racking and putting the units through the business.

A VAT invoice will be included with all orders for accounting purposes.

Please talk to your accountant if you have any further queries.

Yes, all of our prices now include VAT.

VAT no – 358866929

We have tweaked the bulkhead very slightly to accommodate Hilo roofs and to give a little more room for speakers, and lighting rails.

The bulkhead may need some modification for larger custom ceiling speaker mods.

Not currently due to size and weight.

We can confirm XXL crates fit on top easily and the drawer can be pulled out to create a step for dogs getting up.

Smaller crates fit quite comfortably in the drawer or again on top.

Issues are very rare but will happen, so we ask that you get in touch ASAP. If it’s a small issue we can send parts out, but in the case that it’s more of a technical problem (worst case scenario) we would ask that you return the unit to us for repair or replace. We consider our customer care second to none and will do everything we can rectify any issue.

Yes, we offer a 12-month warranty on our units, however, we take great pride in our customer service so we won’t leave you hanging after the initial 12 months. We’re still at the end of the phone to help with any issues. parts etc.

We’ve carried 12 x 18mm sheets of ply (approx 350Kg) with no issues.

Yes, please see the accessories to click and pay for this option. We’ll need the artwork in the following formats, (svg/.ai/.eps)